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2018 Berg Seeger Classic
Results by FORD TIMING
EV# 15 BOYS 4x100m Relay

Meet Record Texas 4/23/2016 43.89 #
Deaf School Texas 1984 42.36 !

1 Alabama School For T, A Alabama School For T 47.90 10
2 Model Secondary Scho, A Model Secondary Scho 48.11 8
3 Washington School fo, A Washington School fo 50.41 6
4 Oregon School for th, A Oregon School for th 50.54 5
5 Arizona Deaf and Bli, A Arizona Deaf and Bli 51.09 4
6 Indiana School for t, A Indiana School for t 51.09 3
7 Minnesota State Acad, A Minnesota State Acad 51.31 2
8 California School fo, A California School fo 51.88 1
9 Kentucky School for, A Kentucky School for 1:09.81
Maryland School For, A Maryland School For DQ
Arkansas School For, A Arkansas School For DQ
St. Mary's School fo, A St. Mary's School fo SCR
Texas School for the, A Texas School for the SCR