Easy MEET Manager for Track, XC, RR

Easy Meet Manager and Easy Team Manager can take care of all your meet and team management needs. Both programs communicate with other such software so that you can submit meet entries and receive meet results regardless of the software being used by the meet host. And, if you are hosting a meet, you can receive entries and submit meet results from/to any teams using any software. Easy MEET Manager will run all your meets in a straightforward, easy-to-follow and remember format.
Some of the many features include:
* Setting up your event list
* Entering your records
* Importing your entries from a variety of formats from a variety of sources
* Seeding your meet virtually any way you need
* Printing heat sheets, start lists, field sheets etc etc
* Running your meet either manually or by connecting with about a dozen popular electronic timing systems (no extra charge)
* Printing scores and award labels
* Printing final results in a variety of formats
* Exports many reports as HTML ready for a web site and PDF
* Option to import meet entries via a simple spread sheet
and MUCH more.

Easy TEAM Manager for Track, XC, RR

will help you to administer your team by:
* Allowing you to generate a complete meet entry with one click per athlete per event
* Export the meet entry for importation by the host team regardless of the software they use for their meet
* Import meet results for your team from the host team regardless of the software used to run the meet
* Compile a variety of reports including attendance lists, top times, progression of times, meet analysis, relay combinations and lots more
Data is maintained season after season with the program picking the seed times automatically when doing meet entries
and MUCH more